Big Data Challenge

The clock is ticking & you should be winning!
You’ve got one week left to enter IBM’s Big Data for Social Good Challenge and I want to help you win! (And when you do, maybe we can split that $20,000 Grand Prize?)

First, get loose with Chip & Jason:

for reals, this video is hilarious
Next stop, the winners circle:

1. Take a 5 minute crash course on Map Reduce. It’s the basis for understanding how Hadoop zips through big data sets.

2. Choose from 7 pairs of questions & data sets to analyze. As Douglas Adams showed us, the answer is often easier than the question.

3. Setup Analytics for Hadoop on Bluemix by following the sign-up steps and demo app instructions. FYI, you get free access to Bluemix through April.

4. Take a look at Shiny when you’re ready to create your interactive visualization. It’s a web app framework for R which you can deploy on Bluemix.

5. Submit your work before the deadline: March 3rd, 5pm EST.

~ Neal

This gif could be you...

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